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      1. Hailong Biotech

        Focus on semi-permanent release, surface lubrication products
        Focus on market research
        Provide you with quality products
        Rubber auxiliaries, polyurethane auxiliaries, etc.

        Hailong Biotechnology

        Focus on semi-permanent release, anti-sticking, surface lubrication products

        Product Information

        We have been adhering to customer needs as the core.

        • Klüber Energy Efficiency Support Program saves you every penny

          2020/6/1 11:03:58

          Energy efficiency is an important issue facing the chemical industry. On the one hand, rising energy costs will significantly increase production costs;
        • Special lubricants for the cement industry

          2020/6/1 10:31:05

          In the cement production process, the equipment is faced with severe working conditions such as high temperature, uninterrupted operation, heavy load and a large amount of cement dust environment. Special lubricants from Klüber are widely used in various mechanical devices of cement production lines.
        • Special lubricants for the steel industry

          2020/6/1 10:26:05

          Under extreme operating conditions common in steel production, including high temperatures, water, steam, acids and other media, lubricants must maintain their best performance. Klüber can provide tested and tried lubricants for the industry.

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